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How Well Does Your Company Deal with Change?

We may not like the idea, but change can be a powerful force of good in our companies. It’s possible to future-proof for the unforeseeable, as long as we have the right processes in place. Here’s how to ensure your company can deal with change.

TextExpander for Startups: Let Us Help You Scale

TextExpander helps startups increase their efficiency for faster growth. Learn more about TextExpander for Startups, and see if your business qualifies.

Introducing TextExpander for Startups: Scale Your Team’s Output and Grow Faster

As a company that started with just two developers and has grown to almost 40 employees, we’ve learned a lot about how to scale a business. That’s why we’re launching TextExpander for Startups — a program to help startups drive more results and grow through improved productivity and communication.

Why Small Talk in Business Relationships Matters

Small talk in business can make a big difference to relationships. Here’s how to shift your conversation skills to make the most of the little details that can yield huge rewards, with our tips for transforming your communication approach.