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Competing in the business process outsourcing industry requires consistent delivery of fast, flexible and high-quality services — but that’s easier said than done. Quickly hiring or reallocating staff causes training challenges, repetitive tasks cause a drag on productivity and employee turnover is an omnipresent hurdle.

There’s no magic wand to remove every point of friction from your operations, but there is one common issue you can remedy today. Repetitive typing and searching for information can make your team slower, less consistent and less focused on higher-value work. Text expansion with TextExpander helps your team solve each of these issues by eliminating repetition and putting entire knowledge bases at their fingertips.

Eliminate Repetition

Empower your team to insert frequently-used text anywhere they type. No more copy-pasting between applications or typing the same things again and again.

Scale Quickly

Train staff more quickly and confidently by giving them easy access to shared libraries of templates, messages, responses and more for each client or project.

Help Your Team Thrive

Keep your team happier and more fulfilled by making their work easier and reducing repetitive tasks that feel like busywork.

Communicate Quickly Across Apps & Platforms

Stop typing the same things over and over, and never search for the right words to say again. With TextExpander, simply type a short abbreviation and watch it instantly expand into a full message from your text library. Great for speedy replies in email, chat and social media, TextExpander works anywhere you can type and even makes it easy to personalize messages on the fly.

Train Employees Faster & More Effectively

Scaling and shifting resources between projects requires frequent training for team members and new hires. They often must learn the client’s brand voice and style, product information, how to use specific templates and more. TextExpander’s shared text libraries give your trainees easy access to approved language and a single tool to use for message templates – reducing total training time and increasing employee confidence after training is complete.

Maintain Quality Across Your Team

When you train your team to use pre-approved snippets stored in TextExpander, you get greater control of the message and improved consistency across your team. TextExpander’s reporting features even show you which snippets are used most and who’s using them. You’ll be able to tell at a glance how closely your team is following standard processes.

Speed Up Customer Onboarding

Quickly create a library of content for each new client to get your team up to speed. Simply save TextExpander snippets with the client’s approved messaging, product information, answers to commonly-asked questions, and more. Then share with the team so they can access and use this information with a few strokes of a keyboard.

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