Version 2.2

WindowsReleased April 28, 2020

  • Improves expansion, notably in Google Chrome and Microsoft Office
  • Improves clipboard handling significantly
  • Fixes various expansion issues experienced by some users
  • Supports Windows 10 Clipboard History
  • Fixes display location of inline search and fill-ins in Google Chrome
  • Various fixes and improvements
  • Fixes and improvements to expansion [TEC-635, TEC-593, TEC-144, TEC-345, TEC-409, TEC-98, TEC-558, TEC-712, TEC-534, TEC-669, TEC-741, TEC-766, TEC-83, TEC-73, TEC-3, TEC-167, TEC-39, TEC-347, TEC-381, TEC-400, TEC-669, TEC-768]
  • Fixes crashes experienced by some users [TEC-564, TEC-635, TEC-392, TEC-18, TEC-562, TEC-553, TEC-180, TEC-574, TEC-547]
  • Fixes and improvements to the Snippet Editor [TEC-625, TEC-208, TEC-590, TEC-537, TEC-581]
  • Prevents setting problematic HotKeys [TEC-604]
  • Improves preview of JavaScript snippets
  • Various UI improvements [TEC-188, TEC-740]
  • Removes in-app onboarding, now available on the website [TEC-714]