Version 1.2

WindowsReleased May 4, 2017

  • Adjusts to Microsoft Office “Smart Copy & Paste” when necessary
  • Improves positioning and sizing of fill-in windows
  • Other fixes and improvements
  • Adds Workaround for “Smart Copy & Pase” in Microsoft Office [TEWIN-109, TEWIN-367]
  • Fixes crash (at startup) affecting some Windows 7 users
  • Fixes crash (at startup) when x,c,v & 1-9 missing from Keyboard
  • Preserves per-PC preferences after Signing out [TEWIN-359]
  • Corrects wording on Group Detail screeen [TEWIN-360]
  • Corrects display of some complex Rich Text snippets in Fill-in windows [TEWIN-210]
  • Ensures that the system tray menu is always visible when it is clicked
  • Ensures that the fill-in window is always visible [TEWIN-86, TEWIN-391, TEWIN-71]
  • Shrinks fill-in windows to minimize wasted space [TEWIN-272]
  • Disables tabbing to hyperlinks in the fill-in window [TEWIN-400]
  • Doesn’t expand keylog content when re-enabling expansion [TEWIN-328]
  • Fixes Sign Out followed by Sign In not loading snippets [TEWIN-398]