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Deliver more with less. Keep your team consistent, accurate, current, and working efficiently.

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Speed through your emails

TextExpander can help. Expand information by typing a short abbreviation - and customize as you go with fill-in-the-blank style fields for names and more.

   Custom Fields
   Date Macros
   Tab Through Fields

TextExpander autocorrects as you type

Correct your spelling mistakes automatically. TextExpander can autocorrect as you type, saving you valuable time.

Share with your team

Keep your whole team communicating efficiently and with consistent language. Share your snippets of messaging, signatures, and descriptions with everyone who works on projects with you.

TextExpander is available on Mac, Windows, Chrome, iPhone, iPad.

Are you a power user?

TextExpander allows you to invoke JavaScript, shell script, and AppleScript via abbreviations. This gives phenomenal power to our users. The potential is unlimited.

TextExpander has been a huge boon for us at AgileBits. We manage a large repository of shared snippets, and TextExpander is the only tool we’ve found capable of handling the job.

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Work smarter with TextExpander. Put it on all your devices. Share the magic with your circle.


per month billed annually
$4.16/mo when billed monthly

Your snippets on all your devices
Share groups with your circle
Unlimited usage for single user
Free app updates
Email support


Consistency and accuracy applied to the whole team. Keep everyone productive and on message.


per user/month billed annually
$10.41/mo/user when billed monthly

All Individual features plus:
Single Sign-On (SSO)
Organization-controlled snippet sharing
Manage team and snippets
Manage permissions
Sign up by email domain
Auto-subscribe users to snippets
Consolidated billing
Snippet Statistics