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5 Reasons You Should Hire a Virtual Assistant

Whether you’re a solopreneur, a mortgage broker, a financial advisor or anything in between, chances are good that you could use some help to get things done. We’re all familiar with the challenges of hiring during The Great Resignation. Keeping costs down while still accomplishing your goals is a challenge for every business owner, regardless…

What Happens When You Upgrade from Individual to Teams

The upgrade from TextExpander’s Individual plan to Teams comes with benefits for organizations of all sizes. Here’s our guide to the differences between the TextExpander plans.

Company Benefits: Software Catalogs, Education & More

Employers know that attracting and retaining quality employees is paramount. Part of what helps an employer to achieve these goals is company benefits that are outside of the pay scale. There was a time when an employee was expected to provide many of their own tools, and to largely fend for themselves. Today, that landscape…

Investment Updates for Startups

Investment Updates are critical to communicating the performance of a startup to its investors. To level up your regular updates, we’ve created a public snippets group for you and walked you through the essentials of a great update.