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How To Motivate a Team of One

Companies can do more to engage and retain workers in “team of one” departments. Here are ways they can support single-person departments.

11 Tools for Startup Success

I’ve been living in and around the startup world for about 10 years. In that decade I’ve seen many companies succeed. There is this idea that startup success and being “scrappy” means that they have to forego valuable tools. Rather than paying for something that will make their life easier and make their company more…

Angel Investors or VCs – Which One is Right for Me?

Let’s start by agreeing on a simple fact: growing a company is easier if you have money. Some companies choose to run as a small business, taking occasional loans to help them expand. Others seek financial backing from professional investors. Still others (like ours!) choose to never raise money and bootstrap their way to profitability….

Best Podcasts for Business Owners

Browse our list of the five best podcasts for business owners, plus some additional staff favorites, to keep learning even if you’re busy.

TextExpander End of Year Summary Email: A Look At Your Stats

We love TextExpander’s ability to save our community hours and even days of time every single year. Here’s a deep dive into how much time our real users have saved this year and how they spent it!

Our Startup Story

TextExpander’s first iteration wasn’t as an app – it was a humble System Preferences pane on Mac. Today we wanted to share the journey.

You Messed Up At Work. Now What?

Mistakes happen, but how do we handle them at work? Here’s our guide to embracing your humanity and moving forward in a healthy way.

How To Grow Your Coaching Business

In this article, we’ll show you how to grow your coaching business to increase your impact, income, and freedom.

5 Actionable Tips to Increase Startup Workplace Productivity

The advantages of a small, nimble organization are hard to overstate. It’s no wonder then that startup productivity and efficiency are popular topics. Sadly, most podcasts, blog posts, and in-person talks say the same things over and again. We wanted to approach the subject from a different angle; to find actionable ideas that could be…

Investment Updates for Startups

Investment Updates are critical to communicating the performance of a startup to its investors. To level up your regular updates, we’ve created a public snippets group for you and walked you through the essentials of a great update.