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So You’ve Signed Up For A TextExpander Trial, Now What?

Ready to get the most out of your TextExpander trial? If you’d like to become a TextExpander pro and save even more time, this is how to make your TextExpander journey thrive.

Why TextExpander Has Always Been Remote

Since Day One, we’ve loved being a full remote company, seeing so many benefits to our team as a result! If you were curious about why we love remote work so much, this one’s for you.

What Do TextExpander Values Mean to Our Employees?

Research shows that more and more employees care about a company’s values, so what does TextExpander’s team say about our values?

How To Host an Inclusive End-of-the-Year Party

In this article, we show you how to host an inclusive end-of-the-year party. We also share tips and resources.

Our Team at TextExpander: How We Work

Every company’s culture is unique and if you have ever wondered what it’s like working at TextExpander, this is the post for you. Whether you’re simply interested in hearing more about us or you would like to join our team, we hope you like hearing about the way that we work. We’re an international, time-zone…

TextExpander’s Company Values: What They Are and How We Live Them

For more than 15 years, Smile has grown from two developers with lots of ideas into the closely-knit, geographically diverse team we are today. As the team grew, it became important to define our values to better communicate them with others.