Psychiatry Conferences 2024

The Ten Best Psychiatry Conferences in 2024

Psychiatry conferences can be an excellent way to network, broaden your horizons, and stay on top of the latest developments in psychiatry. Be sure to sign up for our upcoming free Telehealth Summit on June 27th!

Telehealth Summit: Optimizing Virtual Care in 2024

Psychiatry conferences are also a significant expense, not just financially but also in terms of time for your practice and patients, so we’ve hand-selected the ten best psychiatry conferences coming up in 2024:

  1. Psych Congress Elevate 2024
  2. Harvard Psychiatry in 2024
  3. Psychiatry Update Spring 2024
  4. Psychiatry Reimagined 2024
  5. Optimizing Virtual Care in 2024
  6. 7th International Congress on Borderline Personality Disorder and Allied Disorders 2024
  7. National Network of Depression Centers Best Practices for Mood Disorders
  8. 10th Edition of International Conference on Neurology and Brain Disorders
  9. Psychopharmacology 2024
  10. Canadian Psychiatry Association Annual Conference

“Every keystroke saved, is time saved, which means I can do my job longer and see more children.” — Dr. Melanie Hsu

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The 10 best psychiatry conferences of 2024

1. Psych Congress Elevate 2024

  • Location: Las Vegas
  • Date: May 30 – June 2, 2024
  • Cost: $549 through 4/12/2024, $649 after that

About Psych Congress Elevate 2024

“Gain more than just credits—Elevate is a transformative educational experience like no other, crafted by the world-class leaders of Psych Congress. This is your forum to earn valuable CME/CE credits, engage in four days of cutting-edge research translated into clinical application, enjoy one-on-one access to the best and brightest in the field, and expand your network with highly motivated practitioners.”

2. Harvard Psychiatry in 2024

  • Location: Boston, MA
  • Date: June 13-15, 2024
  • Cost: $895 for physicians, $595 for other roles

About Harvard Psychiatry in 2024

The mental health crisis continues to grow. Rates of depression, suicide, anxiety disorders, PTSD, and substance use disorders have increased in recent years and mental disorders are now one of the leading causes of disability throughout the world. Physicians, mental health clinicians, and many other health care professionals are being called upon to help.

“This intensive, three-day, in person course is designed to address this urgent need. Participants will receive the latest information in the fields of psychiatry and mental health. Numerous aspects will be covered, including recent advances in psychopharmacology, psychosocial treatments, and assessment of psychiatric patients. A wide range of diagnoses and populations will be covered, including mood and anxiety disorders, substance use disorders, eating disorders, disorders of late life, sleep problems, psychotic disorders, and borderline personality disorder.

3. Psychiatry Update Spring 2024

  • Location: Chicago, Illinois — Marriot Downtown Magnificent Mile
  • Date: June 20-24, 2024
  • Cost: $400-550

About Psychiatry Update Spring 2024

“We are pleased to invite you to the 2024 Psychiatry Update – a three-day meeting with renowned faculty and informative presentations on bipolar disorder, MDD, schizophrenia, PTSD, ADHD, neuropsychiatric disorders, movement disorders, as well as innovative practice approaches such as neuromodulation and digital technologies. The knowledge gained at this event will be invaluable – not only in addressing traditional topics in psychiatry, but also in discovering the latest techniques and treatments that can revolutionize the way you practice.”

4. Psychiatry Reimagined 2024

  • Date: June 22-23, 2024
  • Location: Online
  • Cost: $299

About Psychiatry Reimagined 2024 Virtual Conference

“Reimagine mental health care with us at this virtual conference featuring the most sought-after experts in functional psychiatry. Discover new interventions to expand your clinical toolbox and help your patients achieve wellness.”

5. Optimizing Virtual Care in 2024

  • Date: June 27, 2024
  • Location: Online
  • Cost: Free!
Telehealth Summit: Optimizing Virtual Care in 2024

About Optimizing Virtual Care in 2024

“Whether you’re a healthcare provider, technology enthusiast, or industry stakeholder, this forum offers unparalleled opportunities to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving landscape of virtual health. Elevate your expertise, network with key players, and drive meaningful change in healthcare – together, let’s shape the future of medicine.”

6. 7th International Congress on Borderline Personality Disorder and Allied Disorders 2024

  • Location: Antwerp, Belgium
  • Date: September 23—25, 2024
  • Cost: 300€ — 700€ before June 1

About ESSPD 2024

“The 7th ESSPD conference will bring together expert clinicians and top researchers in a light-hearted and welcoming atmosphere. We will host an interactive poster session with exciting new data from all five corners of the world, and in particular from early career researchers. The ESSPD will honor the best work with our signature awards. We will humbly learn about the welcomed involvement of users and families, experts by lived experience on how to make our work even more fitting and relevant to them. Don’t miss the Social Dinner experience! Antwerp 2024 will be a lively and decontracted meeting where we exchange cutting-edge knowledge, and where the field may move a bit closer together in the striving of leaving a lasting impact.”

7. National Network of Depression Centers Best Practices for Mood Disorders

  • Location: Swissotel, Chicago and online
  • Date: September 27—28, 2024
  • Cost: $499

About NNDC Best Practices in Collaboration with Mayo Clinic 2024

“NNDC Best Practices is aimed at providing clinically relevant updates for the management of mood disorders & associated comorbidities across the lifespan. Topics include updates and clinical pearls on treatment resistant depression and bipolar disorder, new & novel treatments for depression, and when to refer for ketamine, TMS, ECT, psychedelic therapy.”

8. 10th Edition of International Conference on Neurology and Brain Disorders

  • Location: Baltimore, Maryland — Best Western Plus Hotel & Conference Center
  • Date: October 21—23, 2024
  • Cost: Early bird registration before May 2, 2024: $839 for in-person presenters, $539 for virtual presenters, $939 for in-person listeners, $639 for virtual listeners.

About 10th Edition of International Conference on Neurology and Brain Disorders

“Featuring keynote sessions, oral and poster presentations, the symposium will showcase cutting-edge research across every subspecialty of neurology and brain disorders. It provides a valuable opportunity to reconnect with peers globally. The primary goal is to raise awareness about adequate mental health care, underscore the risks associated with improper treatment, and explore viable cure options for brain disorders.” 

9. Psychopharmacology 2024

  • Location: Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston
  • Date: October 24—27, 2024
  • Cost: $999

About Psychopharmacology 2024

“We invite you to join us at the Westin Copley Place in Boston for our annual Psychopharmacology conference. This psychiatry conference examines the latest research and treatment advances across dozens of mental health conditions. It offers in-depth information that is important for all mental health and primary care settings. Topics include ADHD, anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, OCD, psychosis, PTSD, substance use disorders, and much more.”

10. Canadian Psychiatry Association Annual Conference

  • Location: Montreal, Canada
  • Date: November 6—9, 2024
  • Cost: TBA

About CPA 2024

“More than 1,000 psychiatrists, psychiatric trainees, and other health-care professionals will be in Montreal to discover the latest breakthroughs in clinical practice and research, learn about new policy initiatives, gain competencies vital to modern psychiatric practice, and be inspired to create lasting positive changes in mental health.”

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