17 Recruiting Resources That'll Keep You at the Top of Your Game

17 Recruiting Resources That’ll Keep You at the Top of Your Game

Eager to improve your recruitment skills but not sure where to start? You’re in the right place. 

From free online webinars to paid conferences in interesting locations, refreshing your recruiting skills is easy to do if you know where to look. We’ve scoured the web for the best recruiting resources and compiled a list of our 17 favorites.

Although recruiting requires little formal education or training upon entry, sharpening your skills is the key to progressing your career. Whether your goal is to become a senior level individual contributor or lead recruiting teams, self-paced and live learning will be instrumental in building a solid foundation for future career growth.

As your skills progress from novice to master, use these resources to help you manage clients, negotiate offers and everything in-between. 

Client Management Resources

“One of the biggest obstacles in the recruiting workplace,” according to Bullhorn, “is the difficulty of managing clients.”

Building a solid foundation and maintaining a proactive communication cadence is essential to becoming a trusted recruiting partner.

#1 Udemy

Recruiters play the role of influencer far more often than decision maker. Being able to persuasively communicate with stakeholders is a recruitment skill that requires constant sharpening. Udemy offers a mix of over 45,000 free and paid options. Explore courses like Influencing Others Positively at Work and in Life or recommend courses to your hiring partners, like The Ultimate Manager’s Guide to Hiring Great People.

#2 Recruiting Toolbox

Recruiting Toolbox’s respected leadership team has partnered with heads of HR and recruiting from start-ups to large Fortune 500 companies, across industries. Check out their site for a variety of recruiting resources, including free white papers, podcasts, virtual and onsite training.

Client management starts with good recruiter/sourcer/hiring manager alignment. Source: Pexels

Time Management/Prioritization Resources

#3 Workable

Early in every recruiter’s career, there is a moment of realization that “the key to effective time management boils down to self discipline and how well you manage yourself.” Workable’s blogs and tutorials are a valuable resource for tips and tricks.

#4 Recruiting Webinars

Looking for webinars focused on real-world challenges faced by practitioners across industries? This site is a treasure trove for on-demand and live webinars led by industry favorites.

Sourcing Resources

Sourcing is crucial to recruitment. Exceptional recruiters are equipped with cutting-edge sourcing skills to remain agile when their incoming candidate flow dwindles.

#5 Social Talent

The Social Talent Sourcer training content is delivered by recruitment experts with years of experience when it comes to skillful sourcing. In addition to their paid training offerings, you can access many useful modules at no cost via their YouTube channel.

#6 The Sourcing Institute

When you’re on a mission to polish your search skills, who better to learn from than the godfather of sourcing? Visit The Sourcing Institute (TSI) to master your craft and outperform your competition.

Resources for Assessing Talent

#7 Monster

Monster’s employer resources site is ideal for both foundational and refresher training. Use this resource to learn how to conduct better interviews and deliver difficult feedback, two essential recruitment skills you can always improve.

#8 InterviewEdge

From Effective Interviewing to Selling Today’s Candidates, InterviewEdge offers a variety of short, structured coursework delivered in a highly interactive format. Their recruiting resources include a database of over 250 articles and paid training sessions approved for credit toward PHR, SPHR, and GPHR recertification.

Interviewing candidates is critical to effective recruiting. Source: Pexels

Negotiation Resources

#9 LinkedInLearning

With over 5,000 courses and personalized recommendations, LinkedIn Learning is an online educational platform that helps you discover and develop business skills through expert-led course videos.

#10 ERE

Articles on recruiter negotiation abound. Start with trusted vendors like ERE, Monster and Indeed for helpful insights. Monster’s resource includes additional guidance in the form of community discussion boards.

Interpersonal Communications Resources

#11 PlayerFM

With over 750,000 options and rising, podcasts are a phenomenal free resource to turn to for leveling up your recruiting acumen. Jump start your listening with PlayerFM or search your favorite streaming source or podcast search engine for more choices. Start with HR Works or Recruit Rockstars Podcast.

#12 YouTube

Three hundred hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, making it an unlikely but resource rich source for learning material. Start with Stanford’s Graduate School of Business communication playlist or Communication Coach Alex Lyons’ 7-part free course on improving communications.

Resources for Staying Compliant

#13 SHRM

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), has partnered with XpertHR to provide state-specific legal reports using an easy-to use drop down menu. For an international guide to employment across 28 countries, start with this guide.

#14 EEOC

U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission provides a variety of updated resources via this site.

Communities IRL

#15 HROS

HR Open Source is a global community of practitioners who believe collaboration is the key to preparing organizations for the future of work. HROS makes it easier to access your peers and the resources you need at zero cost. Start with their Templates to download a People Analytics Starter Kit, a GDPR guide, and more.

#16 HRTX

HRTX is a full day recruiter and sourcer training taught by some of the industry’s brightest practitioners. They deliver a high caliber industry training event at an everyday, affordable cost. A percentage of proceeds from each event will be donated to educational grants to veterans, active military spouses and disabled individuals. 

#17 Recruiters Network

The Recruiters Network is committed to advancing the Talent Acquisition and Human Resources profession. Led by Jason Buss, Recruiters Network produces continuing education and networking events for thousands of Recruiting and HR professionals each year at an affordable cost far less than the average conference. 

Where do you go to brush up on much needed recruiting skills? Let us know your favorite recruiting resources in the comments below!