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Best Pediatrician Apps for Note-Taking

Technology is rapidly enhancing patient care in the medical world, and how expansive this change is cannot be overstated. Pediatricians, who navigate the delicate task of treating their youngest patients, require tools that can work as quickly as they can. This article delves into the transformative impact of note-taking productivity apps in the pediatric practice. 

From jotting down quick observations during a consultation to systematically organizing patient histories and treatment plans, modern note-taking apps offer a plethora of features tailored to the specific needs of pediatric healthcare. Beyond mere note-taking, these applications provide a comprehensive platform for task management, appointment scheduling, and seamless communication with colleagues and caregivers. By integrating these digital solutions, pediatricians can optimize their workflow.

In this article, we explore a selection of note-taking applications that stand out in their utility and ease of use for pediatricians. Here are the apps:


TextExpander, a powerful tool that simplifies how medical notes and records are handled, allows pediatricians to create customized ‘Snippets.’ These Snippets are short, predefined bits of text that can be triggered by simple, brief abbreviations. This functionality can be utilized in pediatrics to output standard patient instructions, growth chart assessments, or common medical advice.

Imagine a scenario where a pediatrician types “vac” and instantly, a detailed vaccination schedule appears in the note, or “wc6” expands to a comprehensive well-child checkup plan for a six-month-old. This not only saves precious time but also ensures consistency and accuracy in patient documentation. 

TextExpander can also be used to organize notes more effectively. Pediatricians can create snippets for different categories of notes, such as patient history, examination findings, or treatment plans, making it easier to retrieve and review specific information.

Moreover, TextExpander’s versatility extends beyond individual use. Pediatricians in a group practice can share Snippet libraries, ensuring uniformity in patient documentation across the team. By integrating TextExpander into their daily routine, pediatricians can significantly optimize their note-taking process.

  • Platforms supported: Chrome, macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS
  • Price: $3.33 monthly to $10.83 monthly

Roam Research

Roam Research’s unique bi-directional linking system allows for the creation of a web-like structure of notes, which is particularly useful in pediatrics where patient histories are complex and multifaceted. A pediatrician can link notes on a child’s symptoms, treatment plans, and medical history, enabling a comprehensive and connected view of each patient’s health journey.

Additionally, Roam’s daily notes feature and embedded queries facilitate efficient tracking of patient progress, follow-ups, and treatment outcomes. This ensures that pediatricians can quickly access and update patient information, making their workflow smoother and more organized.

By leveraging Roam Research, pediatricians can navigate through patient data with ease, ensuring thoroughness in patient care. 

  • Platforms supported: Web, macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS
  • Price: $15 monthly


Obsidian is rooted in a unique networked note-taking approach. This app allows pediatricians to create a comprehensive and interconnected knowledge base of patient information. Through its Markdown-based system, pediatricians can easily craft detailed notes on patient visits, treatments, and medical histories.

What sets Obsidian apart is its ability to link notes and thoughts in a visually intuitive manner. Pediatricians can connect a child’s medical history, symptoms, and ongoing treatment plans, forming a cohesive, easily navigable system of information. This interconnectedness ensures no detail is overlooked, crucial in pediatric care where thoroughness is key.

Moreover, Obsidian’s customizable structure enables pediatricians to tailor their digital workspace to fit their specific needs, from patient management to research and collaboration. 

  • Platforms supported: Web, macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS
  • Price: Free to $50 yearly

Standard Notes

Standard Notes offers pediatricians a secure and straightforward solution for optimizing note-taking and enhancing productivity. This app prioritizes simplicity and security by utilizing end-to-end encryption. Standard Notes ensures that patient data remains confidential and secure.

The app’s simplicity is key to its utility. Pediatricians can quickly jot down notes during patient visits, store medical histories, or draft treatment plans without navigating complex interfaces. The tagging system in Standard Notes allows for easy categorization and retrieval of notes, whether sorting by patient name, condition, or date of visit.

Furthermore, Standard Notes’ cross-platform compatibility means pediatricians can access their notes securely from any device, ensuring vital patient information is always at their fingertips. This streamlined and secure approach to note-taking not only saves time but also ensures that pediatricians can focus on delivering high-quality patient care.

  • Platforms supported: Web, macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android
  • Price: Free to $10 monthly


GoodNotes is a great asset for pediatricians looking to enhance their note-taking efficiency and organization. Tailored for iPad and iPhone users, GoodNotes offers a digital platform that closely mirrors the experience of writing on paper, making it ideal for pediatricians who prefer handwritten notes. The app’s ability to convert handwritten text into typed text allows pediatricians to quickly jot down observations during consultations.

The app also possesses organizational capabilities. GoodNotes’ tagging system allows for easy retrieval and management of notes. Additionally, pediatricians can create separate digital notebooks for each patient or category, such as treatment plans, growth charts, or vaccination schedules. 

Moreover, GoodNotes’ annotation features are particularly useful for reviewing and marking up medical literature or patient reports. By integrating GoodNotes into their practice, pediatricians can benefit from the flexibility and familiarity of handwritten notes.

  • Platforms supported: macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS
  • Price: Free to $29.99 (one-time payment)


Trello offers pediatricians a visually intuitive and flexible platform to enhance their note-taking and organizational productivity. Known for its board-and-card system, Trello allows pediatricians to create boards for patient tracking, appointment scheduling, treatment planning, and more. Each board can be filled with cards representing individual patients or tasks, making information management both straightforward and dynamic.

Pediatricians can utilize Trello’s cards to detail patient visits, record medical histories, and track treatment progress. Adding checklists and due dates to a card turns it into a comprehensive patient file that can be easily retrieved and organized. 

Moreover, Trello’s collaborative feature is a significant asset in a pediatric setting, where teamwork and communication are essential. Pediatricians can share boards with colleagues, facilitating easy coordination and information sharing. 

  • Platforms supported: Web, macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android
  • Price: Free to $17.50 monthly


Todoist is most known for its task management capabilities. However, the app can also be adapted for managing patient care and notes. Pediatricians can create tasks for each patient visit, embedding detailed notes, reminders for follow-up care, and specific treatment plans directly within these tasks.

The app’s intuitive interface allows for the categorization of tasks into different projects. These could include “Patient Follow-Ups,” “Vaccination Schedules,” or “Medical Research.” This organization ensures that all patient information and associated tasks are easily accessible and manageable. The ability to set deadlines and reminders in Todoist is particularly beneficial, helping pediatricians keep track of important dates like vaccine appointments or check-ups.

Furthermore, Todoist’s cross-platform functionality ensures that pediatricians can access their notes and tasks from any device, offering flexibility and continuity in patient care management. By leveraging Todoist, pediatricians can significantly streamline their daily workflow, leading to enhanced efficiency and patient care.

  • Platforms supported: Web, macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS
  • Price: Free to $6 monthly