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7 Recruitment Blogs You Should Bookmark in 2021

Filtering the best information about recruiting can be a tedious, time-consuming process. We’ll spare you the effort. Here’s a list of the best recruitment content on the internet, according to recruiting experts from all over the world.

Recruiter Today is a platform connecting recruiters and employers. Their website has a blog, Recruiter Today, which has a good aesthetic, and publishes multiple posts a day on current topics, written by industry experts, many of them CEOs. The posts are substantial and well written. Posts are topical, answer questions, and address issues facing recruiters today.

Every Friday, they publish their Top 10, a list of the people, things, and ideas dominating the industry, “from awesome tech tools and cool companies to great books and powerful trends.”

Other types of posts include: Get Hired – The Best Way to Find a New Job; Smart Tech – The Latest in Recruiting, Hiring, and Job-Seeking Technology; Success – Go Further in Your Career; The Innovators – Early Adopters, Disruptive Companies, and Innovative Entrepreneurs; and Inside Recruiting – How to Attract Today’s Top Talent.

A post we loved from the blog: “Why You Must Focus on the Candidate Experience: Lessons From Airbnb,” by Freshteam.

The Recruitment Mentors Podcast

Hosted by recruitment and branding expert Hishem Azzouz, the podcast is focused on “deconstructing how some of the best recruitment professionals across the globe have accelerated their recruitment career and remained at the top of their game by uncovering their daily habits, mindset, approach to leadership, and much much more.”

New episodes come out on Monday and Thursday, 

The podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and Overcast. You can also click here to subscribe.

The cool thing about this podcast is that he meets up with people making waves in the industry every week so you can get tips to advance your career. 

One episode we loved: This one with Melissa Houghton BIoR (CPD) from Oscar on The Recruitment Mentors Podcast in which she shares exactly how she progressed from trainee to director in just eight years, in addition to discussing the importance of persistence and tips on how to build a winning mindset. 


RAG stands for Recruitment Agency Growth and it’s a show that helps recruitment agency owners “learn from others who have already been on the path.” It’s hosted by Sean Anderson, owner of Hoxo Media, an inbound marketing agency that works exclusively with recruitment agencies. You can listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or watch a recording of the show on YouTube. New episodes come out regularly. Although all episodes feature recruiters, discussions aren’t just about recruiting. Episode 9 of the podcast, for example, featured recruitment agency founder Lysha Holmes on her experience being a single mother after her husband came out as gay.

Ben Nader

The founder of a mentorship program for helping recruiters start their agencies—the  6-Figure RecruiterBen Nader shares great practical advice on YouTube, particularly for those recruiters who are self-employed, including How to Get 1-2 Clients in the Next 30 Days. People appreciate the useful tips he shares, his authenticity. He gets lots of questions and comments on his videos which he typically responds to. is an online publication dedicated to discussing the ever-changing role of recruiting and talent acquisition in contemporary companies. There you’ll find innovative perspectives on recruiting strategies, trends, and technology. The content—which includes analyses, research, infographics, tools, and thought leadership backed by research—is always presented in clear, simple language. The website targets HR leaders, C-suite executives, employees, and recruiters and aims to help them solve the toughest challenges of talent acquisition. All articles arebeautifully illustrated. 

An article we loved: 5 Ways to Help Women Thrive In The Workplace, by Jen Locklear.

Recruiter Hunt

Inspired by Product Hunt, Recruiter Hunt brings recruiters a list of the best new apps, tools, and websites for recruiters every Friday. It was created by recruiting expert Carmen Hudson, who claims she started it because she has such a bad memory. “For years, I’d wanted a way to catalog and share the many websites, apps, and tools used by recruiters. Despite the many helpful blogs, groups, and articles about recruiting tools, there was no way to keep track of all of the new tools without losing track of the old tools,” says Carmen.

In addition to getting the curated list in their inboxes, recruiters can visit the website to upvote apps and tools, helping recruiters more easily identify the best products.

Recruiting Brainfood

The newsletter started by Hung Lee is indeed a fan favorite. “It’s one of the only blogs I’m sure to read every week,” says recruiter John Vlastelica. “A must-read,” says recruiter Gospodjica Jaca. Hung knows it. The newsletter is so popular that every issue is sponsored, and it brings the very best manually curated recruiting content to recruiters’ inboxes every week. See all past issues and subscribe.


Our TextExpander blog brings well-researched information for recruiters every week. New posts are published every Wednesday, on topics as wide-ranging as text recruiting, how to attract and retain diverse talent, and creative sourcing strategies

Find Your Next Favorite Blog, Podcast, or Newsletter

Although you may not have much time, that doesn’t mean you don’t need to stay on top of industry trends and learn from the best. Rather than searching the web for recruiting content, we recommend subscribing to the blogs, podcasts, or YouTube channels above to get the high-quality information delivered to you regularly. Best of all, you can consume them on the treadmill, as you drive to work, or while eating lunch.

What blogs do you recommend?

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