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Take the productivity and time savings you get from your snippets — everywhere! With a single TextExpander account you gain access to the whole family of apps for Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Windows (in beta). TextExpander introduces an easy way to share snippets with colleagues and friends, backed by a powerful sharing service, which goes far beyond basic sync.

Do try it – we hope you’ll like it.

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Snippet Sharing Made Easy

TextExpander users unite! Sharing snippets means we all work together to speed up communication and accomplish more. To share, just send an email invite, and you’re done! It’s never been so easy. Anyone, or just your chosen few, can edit them. Updates are shared instantly. Just imagine how you benefit by working together with snippets.

This is just the beginning of an exciting new direction for TextExpander. We have some big plans, and we can’t wait to show you what we have coming next.

Standalone Apps

This is a pretty big change, so we’ll continue to support the standalone iOS (v3.5) and Mac (v5) versions you have now.

The New TextExpanderTextExpander 3.5
Subscription pricingSingle purchase with paid upgrades
All apps and updates included in single account: Mac, iPhone, iPad, WindowsIndividual purchase of Mac (v5) and iPhone & iPad (v3.5) apps
Snippets stored on TextExpander.comDropbox and iCloud Drive sync
Easy snippet sharing, with live updating, share via email inviteURL groups, not easily shared, hard to update

Come See What’s New

“Share your knowledge. It is a way to achieve immortality”

You’ve spent time and energy making a snippet library to store your knowledge, haven’t you? Now that snippet sharing is easy, imagine sharing with your troop/club/team/ministry/group/volunteer buddies/industry pals.

Send an email invite to share a group. Let anyone you want edit. Updates happen instantly. We want everyone to benefit from working together, and we all want to work smarter, not harder, don’t we?

Now for Windows

Have you been wishing for your iPhone snippets on your PC? Now you can! Join our Windows beta today!

Beyond Sync

With snippet sharing, there’s more information than can be contained in a sync file. The TextExpander service supports robust sharing of snippets, at the one-on-one level and the Team level. With the possibility of multiple editors, live updates, and more, there’s a lot going on under the hood. What does this mean for you? Just share with an email invite, and let TextExpander work on keeping your snippets current on all your devices.

Simple App Setup

Isn’t it great when setup is simple? Just sign in to your apps, and your snippets are there, always current.

Everything in one basket

TextExpander comes hand in hand with all the apps and all the updates, no upgrade fees, no additional costs. Isn’t it nice knowing you’ll always have the latest version?

Online editing, coming to a browser near you

Even if we don’t have an app for all your platforms (yet!) you can access and edit your snippets and manage your account online from any web browser. We’re excited about what we can bring to TextExpander next. We love new things, don’t you?

Have a cup of coffee on us

Thanks to your 50% lifetime discount, TextExpander cost less per year than a week of fancy coffee-chinos. Thanks to TextExpander’s efficiency, you have the time to sit around and enjoy them. Aren’t you worth it?

Teams. Communicate Better.

Do you work in a team? Imagine everyone able to pull the current answer to a question, everyone consistently on message, everyone with accurate communication.

Pool your knowledge and save everyone’s time. Couldn’t your office use the productivity boost?

Simplify member signup

Create a TextExpander Organization to share the snippet groups with the Members who need them. Anyone who makes a TextExpander account with your company’s unique email domain (e.g. me@companyname.com) can be automatically added to your TextExpander Organization. Pre-set the permission level of any new members so that once they add themselves, your job as Admin is done.

Control company snippets

Make your Organization the manager of the snippet groups important to your company. These snippet groups are the property of your TextExpander Organization, and can be managed by any members you choose to make Admin. Because the snippets most important to the team should be under the team’s control, shouldn’t they?

Streamline snippet group sharing

Admin can join any Members to an Organization group immediately, no email invites left buried in a cluttered inbox. You pick the permissions of members on a per group basis.

Centralize billing

Would you like to simplify your billing? Assign one or more members of an Organization to manage billing. They handle the payment for all the Organization’s members in one place, with one bill.

Pricing Plans


Work smarter with TextExpander.
Put it on all your devices.
Share the magic with your circle.

$39.96 $20/year is only $1.66/month

Lifetime Discount
for Current Customers*
$2.08 with monthly billing

  • Your snippets on all your devices
  • Share groups with your circle
  • Unlimited usage
  • Free app updates
  • Email support

Perfect for Companies


Consistency, accuracy, currency, applied to the whole team. Keep everyone productive and on message.

$10.41/mo $4.16/user/month billed annually

Discount applies for paid previous version
user count for first 12 months
$5.21 with monthly billing

  • All Individual features plus:
  • Organization-controlled snippet sharing
  • Manage team and snippets
  • Manage permissions
  • Sign up by email domain
  • Auto-subscribe users to snippets
  • Consolidated billing
  • Snippet Statistics

When upgrading from a family pack, this offer applies up to 5 family members.

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