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The Modern Recruiting Process

Creating an efficient recruitment process is becoming more and more important for maintaining company profitability. In this guide learn how’s and why’s of structuring your process from planning and sourcing to screening and onboarding.

Omnichannel Customer Service 101: Your Guide to Getting Started

Whether you’re just getting started or you’re looking to improve your current strategy, this guide will give you the information you need to master omnichannel customer service.

Visit TextExpander at CRM Evolution 2019

TextExpander is a big help for many customer relationship management teams, so we’re excited about going to CRM Evolution 2019. CRM Evolution brings together companies to learn about the latest trends and technologies for CRM, or customer relationship management. It’s also about learning new strategies for connecting with your customers. We’ll be there to show…

Goals Series: How to Overcome Your Work Challenges

Discover how to overcome challenges in the workplace in this next installment of The Goals Series, where we offer clear information and actionable advice.

Visit TextExpander at ABA Techshow 2019

Visit TextExpander at ABA Techshow 2019 It’s conference time again, and this time we’re headed to ABA Techshow in Chicago. We’re excited because it’s always great getting to see how people in different professions use TextExpander. ABA Techshow is all about the technology lawyers and other legal professionals use to make their jobs easier and…

15 Strategies for Working Remotely from a Small Apartment

Thinking about the work-from-home life? Maybe doing it already, but in a tiny space? Here are 15 things to think about if working from home is a YES, but the tiny apartment you’re in makes things a challenge.

Using Dates in Snippets: Get the Advanced Dates Group

Expand Past and Future Dates with the ready-made TextExpander snippet group. Save yourself the hassle of looking it up in the calendar.

TextExpander in Law: Q&A session Part 2

Read part 2 of the detailed answers from the Q&A session from the webinar “5 Ways Attorneys Reclaim Time With TextExpander—A Beginner’s Guide.”