Video Tutorials

From the basics, to tips and tricks that unleash the full potential of TextExpander

Intro to TextExpander

Topics: make a snippet, fill-in the blanks, search, public groups

What’s New in TextExpander for Mac

Topics: New editing bar,, snippet sharing, pricing

TextExpander for Windows

Topics: install, expand snippets, edit snippets, task bar / system tray icon

TextExpander for iPhone & iPad

Topics: sign in, make a snippet, make a note, setup keyboard, preferences

The Editing Bar

Topics: date & time & math snippets, snippet Preview (Cmd+Enter), key presses, clipboard, cursor position


Topics: share via email, TextExpander Organizations and managing teams on

Fill-in Snippets

Topic: fill in the blank areas – single-line, popups, optional sections

Searching and Editing

Topics: Hotkeys for search, edit last expanded snippet, & create snippet from clipboard

Mac Preferences

Topic: Preferences – delimiters, sounds, default snippet format, double capitals, appearances.