TextExpander for Startups

With You From
Seed to IPO

TextExpander is here to grow with you. That’s why we partner with early-stage startups to offer:

  • A full free year of TextExpander for your team
  • Licenses for up to 50 people
    to grow as your team grows
  • Personalized training with
    a dedicated TextExpander expert
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Used By Companies You Know and Love

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Customer since 2015
Raised $620M

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Customer since 2020
Raised $35M

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Customer since 2015
Raised $150M

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Customer since 2019
Raised $252M

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Customer since 2020
Raised $25.6M

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Customer since 2018
Raised $254M

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Customer since 2015
Raised $288M

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Customer since 2019
Raised $500M

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Customer since 2016
Publicly Traded

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Customer since 2017
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How Teams Like Yours Use TextExpander

Customer Support

Easily aggregate common questions and enable lightning-quick response times

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TextExpander offers an invaluable platform for sharing knowledge within our team. We can use these templates and resources to complement our personal knowledge, enabling us to provide faster and more customized service to our own users, without having to re-write the basic facts or standard data.

Stephen Nock, Customer Team, Formlabs

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Offering Superior Customer Service with a Lean, Efficient Support Team

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Rapidly test and scale cold outreach communications while keeping them personalized

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CompanyCam Significantly Increases Sales Call Volume with TextExpander

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Source higher-quality candidates with your small recruiting team

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Tech Startup Ignites Recruitment Process with TextExpander

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Software Development

Share common snippets across IDEs

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TextExpander has been a huge boon for us at AgileBits. We manage a large repository of shared snippets, and TextExpander is the only tool we’ve found capable of handling the job.”

Ben Woodruff, Positive Experience Architect, 1Password (AgileBits)

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TextExpander saves top users
31+ hours each month

TextExpander can save you $20/mo

Based on 1 employee at $20/hr saving 31 hours per month

Works everywhere

TextExpander works with Mac®, Windows®, Chrome™, iPhone®, and iPad®.
No matter what platform your team uses we can help them do more, faster.

Partner with us

We’re partnering with top VCs, accelerators, incubators, and more to bring TextExpander to their portfolio members.

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What’s included in the TextExpander for startups plan?

TextExpander for startups participants receive a monthly credit for up to 50 users on a TextExpander for Teams plan for 1 year.

How much does it cost to become a part of the program?

If you meet the requirements, the program is free.

How do I know if I’m eligible?

We welcome startups who’ve raised up to $20M in funding (or up to/including a Series A round) to apply for the program. If you’ve raised a Series B round or more than $20M in funding, unfortunately you’re not eligible to apply.

What happens if I raise a Series B round or additional funding while still part of the program?

You’ll still remain part of the TextExpander for startups program. We’re happy to see you grow! The restrictions are in place for startups applying to the program.

What if I’m not a part of an affiliated program?

Please feel free to apply, and have your program manager reach out to us at alex@textexpander.com.

What happens if I need more than 50 seats?

If you require more than 50 TextExpander licenses, you’ll need to purchase the additional licenses at our standard Teams rate (currently $8.33 per month, billed annually).

How to Qualify

  • Must be less than 5 years old
  • Must be affiliated with a recognized accelerator, incubator, or VC firm
  • Can have raised a maximum of $20M in funding (up to & including Series A)
  • Must be a brand new TextExpander customer

What You Get

A whole year of TextExpander for
FREE for you and your team.

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