Thank you for downloading TextExpander!

Next step: Install it


  1. Locate the app in your Downloads.
  2. Drag the app to your Applications folder.
  3. Double-click on the app to launch it.

Free Trial

When TextExpander launches the first time you will be asked to register. Click “Demo” to use the 30-day free trial.

Time limit: The demo will last for 30-days.
Features: During the demo you will have full access to all features of the app.

Register your Purchase

Once you have purchased a license, open your TextExpander demo and follow these steps to register:

  1. Launch your TextExpander demo app
  2. Choose “Purchase / Register” from the “TextExpander” menu.
  3. Click “Register with a license” then enter the license number from your email receipt. Copy and paste to avoid errors.

If you are upgrading, click “Enter your old license to upgrade”, then enter your v.4 serial “Name” and “Serial #”. When asked, put in your v.5 license number. Your original license is required in order to use an upgrade license.

If you purchased TextExpander 3 from the App Store, install and launch TextExpander 5 and go to the registration screen. Click “Enter your old license to upgrade” then “Purchased from Mac App Store”. Locate the Mac App Store version of TextExpander 3 and launch it.

If you have any trouble contact us for help.

Buy with Confidence

Smile is proud to offer a 90 day money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied within 90 days of your purchase, we’ll give you a refund at your request. We urge you to contact us first for technical support issues, as most are resolved quickly.

Previous Versions

TextExpander 5 requires OS X 10.10 or later.

For OS X 10.9, 10.8, or 10.7, please download TextExpander 4.3.7.
For OS X 10.6.x, please download TextExpander 3.4.2.
For OS X 10.4.x – 10.5.x, please download TextExpander 2.8.1.
For OS X 10.3.9, please download TextExpander 1.3.1.
For PowerPC G3 support on OS X 10.4.x – 10.5.x, please download TextExpander 2.5.