Version 133.52

ServerReleased June 21, 2021

Security and authentication improvements, along with cleaner and easier user interface.


  • Improves user security by introducing a new authentication portal at
  • Cleaner UI for signing in and creating new accounts
  • Adds collapsing sidebar for easier navigation on on narrower screen sizes
  • Adds multi-select and filtering to organization member lists, team snippet group lists, and snippet group member lists
  • Adds a new Organization > Settings section to which management of Organization Domains is moved


  • Improves appearance of lists and tables
  • Strengthens minimum password requirements for new accounts
  • Signs out the user from when there has been no activity in the session for 30 minutes
  • Locks account access when too many incorrect password attempts are made on a given account within a set period of time
  • Enforces shorter expiration times for various tokens such as resetting passwords and verifying emails


  • Fixes issue that could prevent a user from accepting an invitation to an organization or a snippet group if the case of their email address does not match