Version 131.4

ServerReleased February 4, 2021

This update revamps the Public Groups directory.


  • New Public Groups Directory. The directory is now searchable and includes categories for filtering. In addition, you can preview popular snippets for each snippet group and see how many other users are using the snippet group.
  • Adds breadcrumb navigation in some views to make navigation between views easier


  • Organization settings are now easier to find in the sidebar for organization admins
  • Upon sign-in, organization admins will be taken directly to their organization’s settings
  • Continued improvements in the general layout of the application
  • Supports additional delimiters (such as semicolons) when adding a list of emails to an organization


  • Fixes issues that could prevent the organization admin of a deactivated organization from signing in or resetting their password
  • Fixes the Add Team Member dialog to work when the organization includes users who have not set up their user profiles
  • Fixes the Assign to Organization dialog to sort correctly
  • Fixes an issue that could cause editing the user’s profile information to fail