Version 130.27

ServerReleased December 16, 2020

This update significantly refreshes the user experience.


  • Adds sidebar navigation
  • Refreshes icons
  • Lightens elements to improve ease of reading
  • Adds new UI for user management within a team
  • Introduces team admins: A team can (optionally) designate team admins. Team admins can add and remove existing org users and existing org snippet groups to a team. This allows org admins to delegate this responsibility to other org members. Team admins (who are not org admins) will see only the Teams entry for an organization in the sidebar.


  • Snippet groups added to a team now automatically add the team members to the snippet groups’ members list


  • Adds default sort orders to Reports, making it easier to see that the columns are sortable
  • Improves security by implementing the browser Content Security Policy