ShareASale’s Custom Link Generator

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ShareASale’s custom link generator lets you create a link to any page on the TextExpander website.. Custom links are useful for A/B testing landing pages or linking to specific blog posts.

Here’s how to generate a custom link:

  • Log into ShareASale
  • On the top toolbar click Links > Get Link/Banner in the top navigation
  • If you have recently joined the TextExpander Affiliate program, you should see SmileOnMyMac, LLC under the Joined block. If you don’t, click Select Merchant, type in Smile then click either SmileOnMyMac, LLC or
  • Click on the Create Custom Link option.
  • Copy and paste the URL you want to link into the text box.
  • Click Create Custom Link: Click Get Short Link if you want a shorter URL link.

Optional – You can add an AffTrack value (linked to resource) to the link for your own reporting and tracking purposes. The tracking string must be alphanumeric, and can not contain any spaces or special characters.