What Does “No Index File” and “Failed to Load Settings” Mean?

When TextExpander is failing to launch on macOS, you see error messages such as “No index file” or “Failed to load settings”. This sometimes happens when the TextExpander settings have been moved or damaged.

To fix this, follow these steps:

​1. Shut down TextExpander
2. Click on the Finder
3. Click the Go menu in the Finder menu bar and choose Go to Folder
4. Paste in:  ~/Library/Application Support/TextExpander
5. When the folder opens, look for any files with ‘Settings’ in the name
6. Move all ‘Settings’ files to your Desktop
7. Relaunch TextExpander and sign in

Note: The ‘Settings’ files may contain copies of TextExpander snippets. Once you’ve successfully relaunched TextExpander, you can move them to the Trash or store them elsewhere for safekeeping.

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