How do I make TextExpander seem invisible and run in the background? (Mac)

  1. In TextExpander’s Preferences > Appearance, check the option for “Hide in Dock.” The TextExpander icon will no longer take up valuable Dock space, but a small TextExpander icon can appear in the menu bar, should you need it.
  2. In Preferences > Appearance check the option for “Launch at Login.” Please check the list of Login Items in your account in the System Preferences > Users & Groups > Login Items panel to verify that TextExpander is there.
  3. The “Hide” checkbox next to TextExpander can be checked to keep the main TextExpander window hidden, or un-check TextExpander’s “Show main window at launch” option.
  4. There are a variety of shortcuts you can set in Preferences > Hotkey to quickly perform actions without clicking on the menu bar item. If you do not show TextExpander in the menu bar, we highly recommend adding a Hotkey for “Open TextExpander” so have some way to access TextExpander.
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