Can I print out my snippets?

Print your snippets or save them as a PDF in TextExpander for Mac. They will print as one long list with columns for snippet abbreviation, snippet content, and snippet labels if you have labels.

Note: If you just want a quick reference for your snippets, you may find using a search to be faster. Click here for more on searching in TextExpander.

Print Snippets:

  1. Click on the Cog button in the lower left corner of the TextExpander window and select one of the Print options. You can print all your snippets, or just one selected group.
  2. Once you are in the Print Dialog you can print to your printer or to a PDF. To print to a PDF, click on the PDF button in the lower left and select Save as PDF.

    Note: The snippets printing options can also be found at TextExpander > File

We recommend that you order your snippets alphabetically first. Click here for more on sorting snippets.