TextExpander isn’t syncing, why?

Maia Olson General, Support desktop, mobile

If you are having trouble syncing your TextExpander for Mac with or TextExpander for Windows your TextExpander for iPhone & iPad, it could be you don’t have the correct versions. You need the matching generations of TextExpander to match up the syncing. Below is a chart of the versions of TextExpander app icons matched up.

For directions on setting up sync, or setting up sync across older versions, see How Do I Sync Version 5? or How Do I Sync Version 3, 4?


TextExpander for MacTextExpander for iPhone & iPadSync Method
TE v6
version 6
Touch v4
version 4
TE v5
version 5
version 3.5
iCloud Drive, Dropbox
TE v4
version 4
Touch v2
version 3.2, 2