How do I use URL shortening snippets?

Shonna Lemke General desktop

TextExpander comes with a predefined groups called Internet Productivity. These snippets shorten URLs automatically using services like, TinyURL, and Digg. Both Digg and require accounts. There is also a snippet to validate a URL.

1. To use one of these URL shortening snippets, copy a URL like:

2. Type the snippet abbreviation, either /bitly, /digg, or /tinyurl.

3. A shortened URL will expand, like:

The URL validating snippet will test any URL copied tosh clipboard to check that is works. To use it:

1. Copy a URL.

2. Type the validating snippet abbreviation, /testurl.

3. If the URL expands as is, it works. If it expands with “XX” at the start, it is not a valid URL.