Can I import my snippets and abbreviations from another text expansion software program? (Mac)

Yes, TextExpander can import from Textpander and TypeIt4Me, as well as from SpellCatcher shorthand files (exported in XML format). TextExpander can also import comma-separated (CSV) and tab-separated (TSV) files, including those exported from Typinator. Choose File > Add Group from File… from the menu. Find the snippet file that you want to import as a snippet group. Click Open.

How do I make TextExpander seem invisible and run in the background? (Mac)

In TextExpander’s Preferences > Appearance, check the option for “Hide in Dock.” The TextExpander icon will no longer take up valuable Dock space, but a small TextExpander icon can appear in the menu bar, should you need it. In Preferences > Appearance check the option for “Launch at Login.” Please check the list of Login Items in your account in the System Preferences …

What’s new in TextExpander 6? (Mac)

TextExpander 6, released April 2016, contains the following major feature updates: – Integrated TextExpander account and Apps – Use current snippets on all your devices – Share snippets easily with coworkers and friends – Set editing permissions for shared snippets – Set up an Organization to easily manage sharing across your team – Automatically join an Organization using your company …

How do I install TextExpander for Mac?

You will need an account to use TextExpander. You can create an account on our site. Download TextExpander. You should see the app, or the ZIP file, in your Downloads folder. Unzip the downloaded ZIP file if necessary. Drag the TextExpander app to your Applications folder. Double-click the TextExpander app to launch, then signin with your account.