Snippets don’t work in password fields, why? (Mac)

Protected text fields cannot be observed by key loggers such as TextExpander. This is a security feature of the Mac operating system. (What’s a keylogger?) We suggest using a password manager app to secure your passwords.

Can TextExpander insert math symbols? (Mac)

If you use math symbols a lot, and rely on the Edit->Special Character… palette, you can save time by setting up TextExpander for the commonly used symbols. So, for example: llar to → llla to λ llGa to Γ llth to ⊢ (ll stands for latex. Thanks to Alan Schmitt for this suggestion :

What happens to the delimiter after the abbreviation is expanded? (Mac, Win)

In Preferences > Expansion, the menu “Expand abbreviations:” has two choices for delimiter behavior: – at delimiter (keep delimiter) – at delimiter (abandon delimiter) To override this setting for a specific snippet, add a “Keep delimiter” specifier (“%+”, without the surrounding quotation marks) or an “Abandon delimiter” specifier (“%-“) to the very end of your snippet.

I want TextExpander to expand when I type a specific delimiter character after my abbreviation. Which characters are delimiters? (Mac, Win)

Delimiters are [Space], [Tab], [Return], [Esc] as well as over 30 other characters such as period, comma, slash, backslash, brackets, and tilde. 1. Choose TextExpander > Preferences… 2. Click Expansion in the Preferences toolbar 3. Click Set Delimiters… to see all available delimiters What happens to the delimiter after the abbreviation is expanded? In Preferences > Expansion, the menu “Expand abbreviations:” has two choices for delimiter behavior: – …

Why does TextExpander force me to enable Accessibility access? (Mac)

For privacy reasons (see above), Mac OS X does not allow third-party applications (such as TextExpander) to log keystrokes, unless Accessibility access is checked for TextExpander and TextExpander Helper in the Security & Privacy system preferences. It can be tricky to grant this access to TextExpander Helper on some Yosemite systems. If Yosemite presents an alert about TextExpander Helper and Accessibility every time you launch, see this article for more information. Or go …

TextExpander in Yosemite is giving an odd TextExpander Helper warning, what do I do? (Mac)

Yosemite may repeatedly alert you that “TextExpander Helper would like to control this computer using accessibility features”. Clicking “Open System Preferences” may show TextExpander already in the list and checked. It is confusing because: – The message refers to TextExpander Helper, which handles some functions for TextExpander, and needs separate permission, and, – OS X Yosemite 10.10 and 10.10.1 sometimes refuses to display TextExpander Helper in …

How do I enable Accessibility access on Mavericks, Yosemite or El Capitan? (Mac)

1. Choose System Preferences… from the  menu 2. Choose Security & Privacy from the View menu of System Preferences 3. If locked, click the lock icon at the bottom left and enter your admin password 4. Click Accessibility in the list on the left 5. Check both TextExpander and TextExpander Helper in the list on the right 6. Close System Preferences 7. Launch TextExpander For more visual instructions see our blog post. For problems …