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Why Doesn’t TextExpander Support Windows 7?

Since January 2020, Microsoft has stopped supporting and releasing updates for Windows 7. This makes Windows 7 vulnerable to viruses and other security risks. As a result, TextExpander is no longer compatible with Windows 7. You can use TextExpander on Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10. Please see the Microsoft Support website for more information…

How Can I Tell Which Version of TextExpander I Am Using?

See below for instructions specific to your Operating System: macOS   1. Go to TextExpander -> About TextExpander and your version will appear at the bottom of the window iOS 1. Open TextExpander 2. Tap the question mark ? 3. Tap About TextExpander and your version will appear at the top of the window Windows 1. Open TextExpander 2….

How Do I Delete / Uninstall the TextExpander App?

Uninstall TextExpander for Mac: Sign out of TextExpander from Preferences > Account > Sign Out. Drag the TextExpander application to the Trash. For complete removal, open Finder, select Go > Go to Folder (Cmd+Shft+G) and move to the Trash: This is where your snippet data is stored. The Library is hidden so hold the Option…

Can I Use Inline Search with TextExpander for Windows?

Yes, there is a hotkey, or keyboard shortcut, to use inline search. Press CTRL+/ to make the inline search window appear. From there you can type in any search terms, see a list of all possible snippets, then expand the snippet you want.

What happens to the delimiter after the abbreviation is expanded? (Mac, Win, Chrome)

Mac/Windows In Preferences > Expansion, the menu “Expand abbreviations:” has two choices for delimiter behavior: at delimiter (keep delimiter) at delimiter (abandon delimiter) Chrome Click on the TextExpander icon, choose “Options” and then choose: at delimiter (keep delimiter) at delimiter (abandon delimiter) Version 6.5/2.0/1.0 or higher: To override this setting for a specific snippet, choose…

I want TextExpander to expand when I type a specific delimiter character after my abbreviation. Which characters are delimiters? (Mac, Win, Chrome)

Delimiters are [Space], [Tab], [Return], [Esc] as well as over 30 other characters such as period, comma, slash, backslash, brackets, and tilde. Mac / Windows Choose TextExpander > Preferences… Click Expansion in the Preferences toolbar Click Set Delimiters… to see all available delimiters Chrome Click on the TextExpander icon in the upper right of your Chrome browser. Choose Options. Click on Set…