How do I choose an abbreviation for my snippet?

Shonna Lemke General desktop

A good abbreviation is: – short – easy to remember – unlikely to be typed by accident – unique Duplicating an abbreviations first character (ddate, ssig, zzip) is one way of creating abbreviations that meet these criteria.

Help! TextExpander stopped expanding my snippets! What happened? (Mac, Win)

Shonna Lemke General desktop

Please check that Expand abbreviations is checked in TextExpander’s Expansionpreferences. Please click the TextExpander menu bar item and ensure that the second item reads Disable Expansion rather than Enable Expansion. If it reads Enable Expansion, please choose Enable Expansion: If the TextExpander menu bar item notes something about secure input, please review this. If …

TextExpander is just not working, why?

Maia Olson General, Support desktop

If TextExpander is not working, try these steps based on how TextExpander is acting. 1. When I type a snippet abbreviation the abbreviation doesn’t disappear and I don’t hear the expansion sound. 1a. If nothing happens when you type a snippet, it could …

Can I reorder my snippets?

Maia Olson General, Support desktop, mobile

Groups are sorted alphabetically. Snippets can be reordered in their groups alphabetically by abbreviation, content, or label and chronologically by date last used, most used, and date created. To reorder snippets: Look in the lower left corner of the TextExpander window and …

How do I uninstall TextExpander?

Maia Olson General, Support desktop, mobile

Delete TextExpander for Mac: Drag the TextExpander application icon to the Trash. For complete removal, also move to the Trash: Macintosh HD/Users/[home]/Library/Application Support/TextExpander (this is where your snippet data is stored) The Library is hidden so hold the Option key while in Finder …