What’s New in TextExpander: Quick Actions, UI Updates, and Feature Parity

If you’ve updated to the latest version of TextExpander, you may be seeing a few changes when opening the app—the TextExpander team has been hard at work on our favorite text expansion software and the new versions are now live! 

In both the macOS and Windows apps, we’ve updated the user interface, giving the apps a more modern, updated look and making them more user-friendly. We’re also making big moves in the Windows app toward feature parity with the Mac app, which enables us to release more features, faster in the future. 

Here are the specific updates you’ll see in the new version of TextExpander: 

Changes for Mac (version 6.8)

In the Mac app, at first you’ll notice a Big Sur interface update. We’ve cleaned up the overall TextExpander menu bar and window experience, giving you a much clearer view into your snippets. 

TextExpander 6.8  also ships as a Universal Binary—if you’re using one of the new M1 Macs, you’ll be glad to know TextExpander now runs natively on Apple Silicon. 

Lastly, the new version also introduces Quick Actions to the TextExpander menu bar item, which gives users fast access to your most-used snippets. You can always access your full list of snippets using the ‘Open TextExpander’ button, or search directly from the menu bar more efficiently than ever before. 

Pro-Tip: just press Command + / to pull up a floating quick search to find your snippets quickly.

Additional Updates to TextExpander for Mac Include: 

  • Inline search when abbreviation expansion is disabled
  • Improved display of suggestions
  • Improved display and resolution of editing conflicts
  • Improved snippet editor
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

Changes for Windows (version 2.4)

We’re excited to announce that the latest version of TextExpander for Windows achieves near feature parity with macOS. “Why is this important?” you ask? First of all, we’re delivering some great new features for Windows users that you’ve been asking for, including snippet sorting, enhanced font handling, contextual menus, and more. More importantly, getting all of our apps on the same page enables us to ship new features and improvements faster for both apps in the future. 

Much like the Mac version, the user interface on Windows has a new, cleaner look which will make it easier to use. We’ve also resolved some expansion issues and various bug fixes and improvements to make your experience using TextExpander better. 

Please note: the latest TextExpander release requires Windows 10. 

Additional Updates to TextExpander for Windows Include: 

  • Orders inline and quick action search results by relevance
  • Resolves expansion issues reported by some users
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

Get the Latest Version of TextExpander: 

macOS: Go to TextExpander -> Check for Updates to tell if you’re up to date

Windows: Go to File -> Check for Updates

Want to dive deeper into the details of this release?

Get the Detailed Release Notes for Mac

Get the Detailed Release Notes for Windows
Thanks to our passionate users for their continued support of TextExpander! We love to hear from you—if you have any questions, comments, feedback, or suggestions, we want to hear from you!

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  1. Hi,
    Generally a nice update, but I need the ability to change display font size.

    The menu bar window is displaying them far too large. Feels almost as if I have some kind of accessibility setting for the visually impaired active.


  2. With the last update I now have to type all of my codes in Caps lock and it’s slowing me down why did my snippets change? Also, when it autocorrects a misspelled word it comes out in all Caps and I have to delete and retype, why? How do I fix this?