The New TextExpander

The New TextExpander

We’re thrilled to debut the new TextExpander, which makes it possible to share your snippet groups with ease. Share them among your devices – Mac, iPhone, iPad, and now Windows. Share them with your friends, fellow volunteers, and colleagues. Create an organization, and share them with detailed access controls, team management, and centralized billing.

Simply Indispensable

Grab an account on and get started.

The key to making this all work is our new web application with secure, centralized storage. We’ve built a responsive system based on Meteor, and we’re excited to host it on Galaxy. We use the same responsive features in our apps, so your changes are reflected immediately on all of your devices. Add a snippet on one device, and it’s available on all your other devices. Share a group with someone, and it’s available on all of their devices.


TextExpander for Windows

Our top support question is: do you make a version of TextExpander for Windows? Some of those asking have a Mac at home and a Windows PC at work. Some work on teams with both Macs and Windows PCs. All want the power of TextExpander, no matter which device they or their colleagues are using. For our first Windows beta, we’ve focused on the nuts and bolts of TextExpander, namely plain text expansion. We’ve also included support for fill-ins. There’s no editing interface in this version. You simply sign in to your TextExpander account and type to expand. Inline search via Control-/ is coming soon. Edit your groups and snippets via Over the coming months, we’ll build out TextExpander for Windows’ feature set. We certainly welcome your feedback on what you’d like to see first.

Exciting Times

We’re incredibly excited to bring the new TextExpander to the world. We look forward to hearing about the amazing things you do with it, and we look forward to your feedback.

– Greg, Smile Founder, TextExpander Team Member