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TextExpander Tips from Our Sales Associate, Mike

In this interview series, we’ll be talking to our very own TextExpander Sales team to find out from the professionals the best ways to utilize TextExpander in Sales.

Mike, TextExpander Sales, joins us today to share his tips on creating snippets, answering FAQ and salespeople using TextExpander for the first time.

Hey Mike! Tell us a bit about what you do here at TextExpander.

Hello! I’m a Sales Associate which means I help bring TextExpander to the world! I also help train individuals and organizations on TextExpander best practices.

Can you tell us a little about how you use TextExpander in the workplace?

TextExpander saves me loads of time. About 10 hours each month to be exact! It also ensures that I have consistent messaging each and every time. Any time I type something and I like the way I have said it, I save it as a snippet so I can use that same text in the future. I can also tweak it as I use it so my messaging keeps getting better and better.

Naturally, in sales, I end up getting asked the same questions about TextExpander. For example; how much does it cost, what are some of the best features, how much time can I expect to save? I use TextExpander to answer all of these questions in seconds with my saved snippets. It’s great!

Okay, now we’re keen to know – what’s your favorite snippet?

A question I get asked all of the time, is “what’s the difference between TextExpander for single users and TextExpander for teams?”. So, all I have to do is type “xteam” and this snippet pops up…

The team version of TextExpander provides:
• Organization and team-controlled snippet sharing
• Single Sign-on
• Manages team and snippets
• Manages permissions
• Sign up by email domain
• Auto-subscribe users to snippets
• Consolidated billing
• Snippet Statistics for your team

It’s really handy!

That looks great! Any top tips for salespeople trying TextExpander for the first time?

Yes – start simple! Create 5 easy snippets that you think you will use a lot. Even things like your email address, phone number, signature, company or product name are good snippets to start with.

How about any tips for our more experienced TextExpander users?

Yes, I have 2 tips! First, we have a webinar coming out for advanced users. This should give you even more ideas on ways you can use TextExpander! Second, share the love and help others! If you are an experienced TextExpander user, you have obviously seen how powerful it is and how much more productive it can make you. Help others by sharing your TextExpander knowledge so their lives and jobs can improve as well!

Any final words of wisdom for salespeople?

I am challenging you to take action and create those 5 snippets right now! What do you have to lose?

Thanks, Mike! For more on TextExpander in Sales. Check out our blog post series.

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