Raise Your Keyboards to One Year of The New TextExpander

TextExpander has been helping customers to type less and communicate smarter for over a decade. But this month we’re celebrating something special, highlighted on our main Smile Software company blog: the one-year anniversary of a reinvented TextExpander.

In April 2016, we redesigned and rebuilt TextExpander. Technically now at version 6 for Mac, version 4 for iPad and iPhone, and (a first ever!) version 1 for Windows, the new TextExpander is now a hosted service which enables a ton of pretty amazing new features that our customers have requested for years.

Be sure to check out our full post on the Smile Blog to see how far we’ve come in just a year. For some quick nuggets:

  • The new TextExpander collectively saves our customers tens of thousands of hours every month
  • Over one third of our customers are already on the new TextExpander
  • It is now just a couple clicks to share snippets with a friend, your entire team, or the world with our new Public Groups
  • We’ve released 17 updates with dozens of new features and improvements in a single year
  • We released TextExpander for Windows

We invite you to check out our full post on the Smile Blog for all the details. We also thank everyone who helped make such an amazing accomplishment possible, especially our amazing customers, without whom none of this would be possible.