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Share your TextExpander Story with Us

After working on TextExpander for 10 years, we’ve learned that it’s become many things to many people. For some, it’s a core, indispensable tool for fixing phrases and inescapable typos. For others, it’s an essential, foundational tool their business teams need to function. We’ve heard so many great stories about how our customers integrate TextExpander into their daily work and lives, we thought it was time to share some with all of you.

Introducing Customer Stories

Customer Stories is a new section on our site that showcases some of our favorite stories from customers and businesses which use TextExpander. They’re nice, succinct glimpses into the ways that people like Todd Curtis at You Need a Budget, Sarah Mayo at SyncOnSet, and Rick Meyers at Linode make big improvements to the way they, and their teams, get work done with TextExpander.

“I really love the speed at which TextExpander helps onboard new team members. With all our expertise distilled into TextExpander snippets, new teammates are trained up in a fraction of the time.”

Sarah Mayo, Product Success – SyncOnSet

“TextExpander allows You Need A Budget to respond personally to all support inquiries, while maintaining accuracy and consistency.”

Todd Curtis, CCO – You Need a Budget

You can see a couple examples above, but be sure to check out the Customer Stories page for some great insight.

Have a story to share?

Of course, we’d love to hear more of your stories! We are constantly impressed and inspired by all the different ways we hear TextExpander does wonders for our customers’ daily work and lives.

Share your story with us and potentially our Customer Stories page—be sure to add “My Story” in the subject.