Grab some Star Wars and Star Trek snippets for fun and profit

TextExpander helps you work faster and communicate smarter, but it isn’t all business, business, business ’round these parts. TextExpander can also help with the light and dark sides of the force, and boldly go where no message has gone before.

If you like to scratch your nerd itch with quotes from the Star Wars and Star Trek universes, Public Groups has some great new snippets for you.

Star Wars

Now, the Star Wars snippet group won’t help you understand the binary language of moisture vaporators. But it will help you fire off your favorite quotes in less than 12 parsecs (yes, we know that’s a measurement of distance, not speed. Let’s just roll with it).

Star Trek

Your communication is meant to boldly go where no text has gone before, and the Star Trek snippet group is ready to join your voyage. Before anyone asks, no Holodeck visitors were harmed in the making of these snippets.

These are just some of the new snippets that great TextExpander users like you have added to Public Groups. Now you have even more ways to communicate smarter, and also funnier.