Free Webinar: How to Crush Email with SaneBox & TextExpander

Did you know the average employee spends 28% of their day answering emails? Let us help you get through your inbox faster.

Register for a free webinar, “How to Crush Email with SaneBox & TextExpander” followed by a Q&A to answer all your questions. You’ll learn:

  • Social Flow and Multitasking
  • 3 email commandments to live by
  • How to make inbox zero a reality with email triage
  • Advanced email hacks to help you get the most out the email you send and receive

Join us Thursday, August 10th, 2017 at 10am PDT / 12pm CDT.

Watch the webinar to get valuable information on email management, on using SaneBox to get to inbox zero, and on using TextExpander for rapid email responses. Stick around to receive your gift for watching and a link to the recording afterward.