Communicate with Your Dinner Guests Quickly and Easily

After a challenging week of work, having friends and family over for dinner and a glass of wine is a great way to unwind. TextExpander can take the stress out of hosting by making communicating with your guests easy. Check out our snippet ideas to make organizing your next dinner party, brunch or cocktail evening a breeze.

What is a Snippet?

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A snippet is a chunk of text you store away that you can call upon using a short abbreviation or key press. It saves the need to type things over and over. You can use TextExpander snippets on your desktop or mobile.

How Snippets Can Improve Your Hosting

If you’re cooking for others, you have plenty to think about. Oven timers, homebaked desserts and seating arrangements are just a few of the things already on your mind. So, when your phone pings with messages from guests, you want to answer them quickly and politely.

TextExpander snippets allow you to respond to your guests quickly and get back to cooking.


Note: Any words appearing [like this] are examples of where you would put your own personalizable fill-ins.

Dinner Time

Let them know when you’ll be dishing up, with a snippet that says:

Dinner will be ready at [time]. See you then!


Send address and directions to your house with a snippet like this:

Our address is [address]. If you see the [notable landmark] you’ve gone too far!

Bonus tip: You can use snippets in snippets to insert your address. When you update your address snippet, it updates everywhere.

Last Minute Invites

Cooked up too much chili? Share the love!

Hey! I’m making [dish] and there’s plenty to go around. Come over in [time] mins?


Send these the day before your event:

Hey [name], looking forward to seeing you tomorrow! Just a reminder, our address is [address]. See you at [time]!

Thank Yous and Follow Ups

Thank your guests with a follow up message.

Hey [name], it was great seeing you! Thanks again for coming over.

Go Forth and Host

With these snippets in tow, there’s no excuse to put off your next event. How do you use TextExpander in the kitchen? Let us know @TextExpander and in our group on Facebook.