5 Tips to Master Twitter and Facebook with People, Hashtags and Apps

Whether you use social media to keep up with friends, grow your personal brand or look for jobs, there are a few things you can do to improve your experience on Twitter and Facebook. It’s time to get smart on social.

Follow the Right People

According to motivational speaker Jim Rohn, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”. More on that idea later. We can relate this to social media: make your social media experience more enjoyable by following people who have traits you respect, not those you dislike or who make you jealous.

Automate Your Hashtags

Hashtags act as labels for your posts, which can then be searched by people with similar interests. Research popular hashtags in your field, then use TextExpander to store all your most used hashtags, ready to be called upon in a few taps. You can also create social post outlines in TextExpander for faster posting. Here’s your Hashtag Automation checklist:

  • Gather relevant hashtags
  • Create your TextExpander snippet with all the relevant hashtags
  • Set your abbreviation (the magic key taps which pull up the hashtags)
  • Type your abbreviation in your next post and watch your hashtags appear

Now, all your best hashtags are just a few taps away.

Get App-Happy

There are plenty of apps to help you with Twitter and Facebook. Buffer will let you post to Twitter without getting swept up in your timeline. Huji Cam allows you to add a disposable camera filter to your images, while VSCO allows you to tweak a huge range of image elements. For scheduling tweets and Facebook posts, try Hootsuite.

Review Following and Content

If you’re using social media for a specific purpose, like gaining freelance work or sharing your neighborhood-famous recipes, review social media frequently to check it’s still serving its purpose. Unfollow any people whose content you no longer enjoy and review your most popular tweets and Facebook posts so you know what works.

Reach out

Social media is great for networking. Whether you’re a recent graduate, a beauty blogger or have a YouTube channel reviewing cars, Twitter and Facebook are great platforms to reach influential individuals, brands and new audiences. If you’re talking about a person, brand or company, let them know! Tag people who you talk about, such as:

  • a company you wrote an article on
  • the brand of skincare products you’re enjoying
  • the makers of the car you recently reviewed

Keep it positive where you can. If you’re sharing negative opinions or reviews, consider whether you have anything to gain by tagging the subject.

Ready to up your social media game? Get organized, get automated, get the apps!

Want More Tips?

Follow these steps for a smarter social media experience. For more tips and tricks, join our group on Facebook.

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